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Before the registration process begins, each and every candidate is obliged to have the following:

  • a valid identity document
  • an active foreign currency account and an ATM card that works in Europe
  • a residence certificate
  • a certificate of clean criminal record
  • a smartphone or a tablet (to communicate with us in the Netherlands)

The registration form for new employees is available on our website.Once you register, a recruiter from one of the GOODMORNING offices will contact you within 24 hours.

During registration, you are required to complete all fields marked with a red star. However, please provide as much data as possible – this will make cooperation easier. It is important to give a correct phone number and e-mail address

Arrival procedure

In order to maintain high standards of cooperation and facilitate adaptation after arrival, we have adopted standards that ensure the comfort of arriving employees and enable us to complete the necessary formalities and provide adequate care.


Dates of arrival

Arrivals of new employees take place twice a week – on Friday and Wednesday evenings. It is necessary to arrive earlier to allow time for a visit at the local municipality office. Before commencing work, employees must register their residence and obtain a Sofi number – BSN (equivalent of the NIP number).

Arrival at a date other than the one originally scheduled is admissible only in special cases and must be approved by a GOODMORNING employee. Arrival at a later date prevents employees from taking up a job at the specified time since a Sofi number is necessary for employment. If something unforeseen happens while travelling, employees are required to promptly inform us about it by calling the helpline at +31(0)167-526526.

Sofi number assignment

Individuals arriving on a Wednesday will receive a Sofi number on Thursday or Friday morning. Individuals arriving on o Friday will receive their Sofi number on Monday morning.


Checking in takes place on the day of arrival confirmed with an employee (in Poland or Romania). Employees arriving at an earlier date will not be provided with accommodation until the pre-agreed date.

Introductory meeting

The next step involves introductory meetings organised by us. They take place in Welberg, in the Stella Maris residential unit. The meetings are carried out by our employee and their purpose is to present the most important organisational information about the life, accommodation and employment in the Netherlands.

During the meeting you will learn everything there is to know about: employment, accommodation, principles of cooperation and salary payment. It is also a chance to ask questions and clarify any doubts.


First salary is paid after first three weeks of work. There is a possibility to get an advance in amount of 50€ in the first two weeks of stay. Condition to receive an advance is to sign completely the contract and overwork acceptable minimum of working hours. The right to receive advances have purely and simply only new employees, taking up job for the first time by agency of ours.


Inform us about your arrival

As far as every subsequent arrival in the Netherlands is concerned, employees are required to promptly inform us about their arrival plans by calling one of the GOODMORNING offices in Poland or in Romania by 4 pm on a Monday.

Acquire approval from GOODMORNING

You may arrive in the Netherlands only after informing a GOODMORNING employee about it and obtaining confirmation of approval from an office which has been informed.

No approval = no job and no accommodation

ATTENTION! Arriving without obtaining an approval from GOODMORNING means that there will be no job or accommodation arranged. Thus, such employees will be unable to take up a job, will not receive remuneration and will not be provided with accommodation. GOODMORNING accepts no liability for the respective consequences.

Only arrangements made with a GOODMORNING representative shall be binding

IMPORTANT! Returning to work should be agreed with a representative of GOODMORNING, not the company an employee was previously seconded to.

Arrangements made with an employer (not through GOODMORNING) do not guarantee employment, insurance or accommodation. We cannot organise employment or accommodation without knowing that an employee is planning to return.

Date of arrival

Upon receipt of approval, an employee is obliged to arrive at the place of accommodation by 12:00 pm on a Saturday preceding the commencement of work.

Every delay and failure to observe the deadline requires GOODMORNING to be notified via telephone at the following number: +31(0)167-526526.

Notice of arrival

Upon arrival, employees are obliged to inform a representative of GOODMORNING about it at the following number: +31(0)167-526526