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It is necessary to sign all documents before departure.


When confirming departure, a representative of GOODMORNING in Poland or Romania will also provide information and guidance on installing Plan4flex, an application necessary for proper cooperation (and the commencement thereof), on a smartphone or tablet. Every employee will receive the access password by e-mail. After logging in, employees will find a set of documents for signing: an employment contract, an accommodation contract, etc. Every document has to be signed separately with the use of a phone or tablet.

Lack of signature on the documents will prevent departure and a delay in signing them can result in a delay of payment of the first salary in the Netherlands.

Employment contract

An employment contract is always concluded for a specified period of time which is usually one year. The contract is a collective labour agreement (ABU CAO) for temporary employees. The contract expires by virtue of law, without a necessity to terminate, on the day specified in the contract. The phase of the contract is determined in line with the provisions specified in CAO. Upon starting to work for an employer, remuneration shall be based on the principal’s salary table. In exceptional situations, a salary table included in ABU CAO can apply.

Calculations and net salary

After 12 days from the first week of employment, usually on Mondays, employees receive their first calculations. Subsequent calculations are presented every week. All calculations are available for viewing in the Plan4flex system.

Calculations include information about the number of hours for which salary was paid, including the hourly rate. The system also includes details concerning the net income and the manner of calculating it. Additionally, calculations present the statutory leave entitlement expressed in hours. Vacation pay is payable only when an employee takes time off as well as at the end of the employment contract.


Dutch salary rates are always expressed as gross amounts and take into account age groups. During the year, salary rates are subject to statutory adjustment, usually on January 1 and August 1.

According to the table, employees over 23 years old receive the minimum rate.

The salary (gross rate) is subject to target affiliation, as per the relevant collective agreement (ABU CAO). Thus, salary rates can change depending on the company/sector of employment.

Bank account

Before departing for the Netherlands, when making arrangements with a representative of GOODMORNING in one of the offices in Poland or Romania, it is necessary to provide a bank account number. Failure to do so will result in the inability to pay salary.

Transfers are made in EUR. Please make sure that your bank accepts foreign currency transfers. A transfer into an account with a Polish or Romanian bank can take up to several days. In practice, it can take 2-3 days from the transfer date until the amount is credited to an employee’s account. This is due to the transfer being processed by the bank indicated by an employee. GOODMORNING cannot guarantee the above-mentioned processing period as it has no influence on the course of the procedure.

In the event an employee opens a bank account in the Netherlands, the transfer processing time is 1 day.

For the above reasons, it is preferable to use a Dutch bank account. We recommend ING Bank which offers foreigners fast and simplified procedures of opening a bank account.

In the event of changing a bank account during cooperation, it is necessary to complete a relevant form (available on our website). A completed form should be submitted to a GOODMORNING contact person or sent to the following address:

Employee’s obligations.

Every employee taking up a job is obliged to comply with certain rules. Under an employment contract concluded between GOODMORNING and an employee, the employee performs work for a client of GOODMORNING.

• An employee is obliged to comply with rules which are applicable in the client’s company.
• During work, an employee is obliged to comply with the client’s instructions and guidelines.
• Failure to comply with the above-mentioned rules can be deemed as refusal to work, which – depending on the circumstances – can lead to dismissal.
• An employee is obliged to comply with and respect work hours in the client’s company.
• An employee has to come to work 15 minutes before start time.
• An employee is not allowed to finish work earlier than their specified finish time without permission of a representative of the client’s company.

Unscheduled work

Even when employees are not at work, they are required to be on standby every day from 6 am to 10 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm. This is very important and necessary for the planning division which, if necessary, will contact the employee concerned.

Strictly prohibited

Alcohol consumption (in any amount), being under the influence of alcohol or drugs/intoxicants is strictly prohibited on the way to work, during work time and during breaks.
Possession of alcohol or drugs/intoxicants during work time is also prohibited.
Any violation of the above-mentioned rules will result in appropriate measures and disciplinary actions being taken, including the possibility of dismissal with immediate effect.

BSN number

Under Dutch law, every employed person is required to have a BSN, i.e. citizen service number. Since January 1, 2014, the number is issued by Dutch municipalities upon producing a valid passport or European ID card.

A BSN number is issued free of charge. A municipality registers an employee’s address in the country of origin and enters the employee in the register of individuals without permanent residence (Register Niet Ingezetene – RNI). Our company organises registration in the RNI registration. Salary cannot be paid without a BSN number. Consequently, we are dedicated to registering every new employee in the RNI during the first week.


The application is used for communication between an employee and our office in the Netherlands. Thanks to the application, employees can sign documents remotely, receive their work schedule, get access to salary calculations, ask for time off, report problems and ask questions.

The application can be used on smartphones and tablets. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Application functionality

Thanks to the extensive functionality of the application, employees can:

• have access to their work schedule
• provide information about their availability
• request modifications
• have access to a weekly overview of hours and days worked as well as modifications
• have access to all documents
• send a message to GOODMORNING
• sign documents electronically
• enjoy a multilingual user interface

First log in

CLIENT CODE: goodmorning
Log in details are sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.