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Apart from accommodation, GOODMORNING also provides transportation for employees. We have an extensive and modern car fleet which currently comprises more than 250 passenger cars (each equipped with navigation, which makes travelling easier, and a black box).

As a result, our employees can reach their employers throughout the Netherlands without any problems.

Depending on the distance between accommodation and the workplace, we also offer bicycles which are a very popular method of transportation in the Netherlands.

Future employees should specify their needs before arrival: we have a defined number of bicycles and cars. Similarly to accommodation costs, transportation costs are deducted from weekly pay. Having a bicycle or a car at one’s disposal ensures freedom, mobility and flexibility.

Employees can be qualified as potential drivers by informing our representative in Poland or Romania that they have a valid driving licence.

After signing an agreement with us, an employee is provided with a car and becomes liable for it. It is common for employees to commute to work together. Employees can be picked up from an assembly point. It is prohibited to pick up individual persons from their apartments. The same assembly point applies to all employees.

If the workplace is located close by, it is recommended to commute using a bicycle provided by GOODMORNING BV. When going on holiday, please contact a consultant or coordinator to return your bicycle for that period.